Thursday, October 8, 2009

Faster Planting

All farmers at Kabupaten Bandung issued to faster plainting because the start of rain climate since first week october. Whereas by analytics of Badan Metereologi, Klimatologi, and geofisika, rain is start at third week of october.
"Faster planting is also marking as a start of plant time 2009/2010. Faster start with soil manner, spreading seed, repair water system, and distribution of fertilizer." said Kepala Dinas Pertanian, Kehutanan, dan Perkebunan Kab. Bandung A. Tisna Umaran, Wednesday.
About fertilizer, he said entering plant rain time start last 1 October, number of rice field who had flooding water at Kabupaten Bandung is predicted decrease compared with last year. It's because the support from climate compare last year, and the effect from scratching of Citarum River at 2005-2006.
"A few year later about 2000-3000 ha. This year predicted maximun just 200 ha," said him. At 2008, 219 ha rice field had flooding water, and 37 ha is really mess.
Notiwithstanding, Tisna said a few region have to anticipate for flood in plant field, such as Kecamatan Majalaya, Baleendah, Rancaekek and Solokan Jeruk.
"For region who usually had flood, it's better to plant the short time plant, about 40 days can harvest, such as mustard green, leafy vegetable, eggplant, onion chives and kind like that," said Trisna.
Support from climate, said her, also make a dried at Kabupaten Bandung when dry season comes this year, is decrease. "Last year dry up to 300 ha, this year just 30 ha," said her.
Because rain on dry season make that condition. "Water from rain can be keep for stock for 10-20 days, so nothing get puso," said Tisna.


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